Concierge Service*

The Customer Service Office is dedicated to deliver prestige services at our concierge to improve your residency in The Long Beach. Our concierge served as one-stop destination of general clerical work handling, in-flat maintenance advice and handy tool lending.

For more details, please refer to below:

(Please note that service charges apply to certain items.)


Shuttle Bus Service

Departures every 15 minutes from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. connecting The Long Beach and Olympian City 1.


Laundry Service

Quality dry cleaning and laundry service is arranged by laundry contractor. Our tower concierge provide collect and receive service, please approach our Tower Concierge for more details.


Transportation and Weather Enquiry

Provide the latest local transportation and weather information.


Free Notepaper & Memo Pad

Free notepaper & memo pad provided at Tower Concierge.  


Handy Equipment Lending

Free handy equipment lending service provided at Tower Concierge.    


Trolley Lending

Free trolley lending service provided at Tower Concierge.


Umbrella Lending

Free umbrella lending service provided at Tower Concierge.


Storage Service

Free temporary storage service provided at Tower Concierge.


Mailing Service

You may post your mail at our concierge. Please ensure sufficient amount of postal fee for the stamp before you post.


Sale of Stamps

HK$2 stamps is available at Club LB reception.


Sales of Light Bulb

Light bulb (for washroom) & Light Bulb (for kitchen) is available at HK$75.0 and HK$20.0 respectively at Club LB reception.


Barbecue Food Ordering Service

Provides barbecue fo