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To provide high quality living environment as well as our professional property management services, should you have any change in contact or other enquiry, please free feel to contact your Tower Concierge or the Customer Service Office.
The Long Beach Customer Services Office
Podium, Tower 9, The Long Beach, 8 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon
Office hours
Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday and Public Holiday  Closed
Customer Services Office Hotline 3514 8101
Fax 3514 8100
E-mail cso@thelongbeach.hk
Website www.thelongbeach.hk
Security Control Room (24hours) 3514 8103

Club LB
Club LB , The Long Beach, 8 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon
Opening hours
7:00am to 11:00pm
Club LB Hotline 3514 8104
Fax 3514 8114
Facilities Price List Club LB Facilities & Swimming Pool

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Name of Property
The Long Beach
No. 8, Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon
Lot No.
Kowloon Inland Lot No. 11152
User Restriction under Lease
Non-industrial purposes (excluding hotel, cinema, petrol filling, station and godown)
Term under Land Grant
50 years from 7 December 2000
No. of Residential Towers
8 Towers (Tower 1 to 9 excluding Tower 4)
No. of Residential Units
1,829 Units
Residential Floors
Tower 1, 2, 5, 7 & 9 : 5/F to 50/F, with duplex units on 51/F and Roof Floor.
Tower 3, 6 & 8 : 5/F to 50/F, with duplex units and non-duplex units on 51/F and 52/F.
(No designation of 14/F, 24/F, 34/F and 44/F, Refuge floor is on 25R of each Block)
No. of Parking Spaces
Private carparking space 390
Visitors’ carparking space 40
Motorcycle parking space 35
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Estate Manager

The Long Beach Management Ltd (the Estate Manager) appointed Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Ltd. to provide a hotel-style living environment for The Long Beach. Each owner is entitled to the full exclusive right to hold and occupy his/her flat and to use the common facilities of the estate. The Estate Manager has the full exclusive right to represent all owners and residents in all dealing with Government, public utility companies, etc, and on general matters in connection with The Long Beach. The Estate Manager retains the right to appoint solicitors, professional consultants or contractors on behalf of owners and residents.

Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Ltd. provides all management services for The Long Beach including services for the main structure of the buildings, common areas, plant rooms, refuse chambers and the roofs.

Access to these areas is in accordance with the rules laid down by the Estate Manager and no owners or residents should alter or interfere with any equipment contained therein.

In order to provide efficient management service, Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Ltd. may make or amend house rules according to the circumstances. Owners and residents are requested to observe these house rules so as to maintain a pleasant neighborhood and living environment. Back To Top

Management Staff

In order to provide a high standard of management services for The Long Beach, well-trained staff and experienced contractors have been appointed to provide premium services for our residents. Your assistance is requested to enable them to carry out their duties properly. We request the owners and residents to refrain from employing our staff for private business as they are not permitted to receive any instructions other than the Estate Manager. 

All Management Staff is forbidden to ask for tips or any advantages from owners or residents. Back To Top

Concierge Service
Our Concierge Team is ready to deliver professional service to satisfy your needs. The Concierge service includes the followings:
(Please note that service charges apply to certain items.)

– House Keeping Service
– Laundry Service
– Relocation Service
– Home Insurance Information
– Transportation and Weather Enquiry
– Mailing Service
– Sale of Stamps and Envelop
– Trolley Lending
– Mobile Phone Battery Charging Service
– Handy equipment lending
– Octopus add value service
– Storage Service
– Free Notepaper & Memo Pad
– Photocopying & Printing Service
– Local Facsimile & E-mail Service
– Flower Ordering Service
– Hotel Reservation/ Theme Park Ticket Ordering Services
– Limousine Transfer Service

* The availability and service charges of above services are subject to change without prior notice and restricted by relevant regulations.Back To Top

Suggestion & Appreciation
All valuable suggestions concerning our management services are welcome. Owners or residents can contact our Concierge or write down your suggestions on comment cards which are available at the Concierge. Back To Top

House Rules
In order to provide efficient management service, the Estate Manager may make or amend house rules from time to time. Owners and residents are requested to observe these house rules so as to maintain good relationship with neighbours and the pleasant living environment. Back To Top

Management Fee Deposit
The Management Fee Deposit, which is equivalent to one month of management fees, shall be deposited in an interest bearing bank account. It shall be transferred from the account of previous owner to that of the new owner after re-assignment of property. Therefore, the vendor should recover the deposit from the purchaser accordingly. Back To Top

Capital Fund
The Capital Fund is established for purchasing facilities such as security system, cleaning and maintenance equipment, etc. It is necessary to facilitate an improvement in living environment as well as day-to-day operations. An amount equivalent to 1 month of management fee was collected from owners upon the execution of assignment of premises. Any surplus of the Capital Fund will be put back into the management fee account. Back To Top

Decoration Debris Removal Charge
This charge is used for the expenses incurred with removal of fit-out debris and bulky waste during moving-in and fitting out period. Back To Top

Monthly Management Fees
All owners of The Long Beach are responsible for contributing the management expenses of the property. The calculation of monthly management fees is based on the annual budget covering expenses such as staff costs, payment to security and other related contractors, electricity and water consumption for common areas, costs of repairing and maintaining common areas, lifts and other communal building services, cleaning of public areas and removal of domestic refuses, management accountancy, legal, and other professional consultancy fees, insurance cover against the fabric of the building and third parties insurance, etc. The management fees is due on the first day of each month and the management fees demand note will be posted to your registered local correspondence address provided. Interest will be incurred on outstanding arrears, as according to the terms listed out in the Deed of Mutual Covenant of the estate. Back To Top

Methods of Payment of Management Fee
Please arrange payment of management fees by post or in person to the Concierge or put into the Suggestion Box at Tower Lobby, on the first day of every month by cheque payable to “Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Ltd.”.
Owners are encouraged to use Autopay for payment of management fees. You can apply by sending a completed direct debit authorization form to your designated bank. Please be reminded that the application process may require 1-2 months. Cash is not an accepted payment method. Back To Top
Deficit and Surplus
The Management Expenses are on actual disbursement basis. Should the management fees be insufficient to cover the expenditure, owners will be required to pay the deficit proportionally. However, if the sum collected exceeds the expenditure, the surplus will be held on behalf of residents and carried forward to the following financial year. Back To Top

Change of Ownership
Please inform the Concierge of any change of ownership, otherwise the previous owner will be held responsible for further payment. Back To Top

Notice Board
Estate notices will be posted on notice boards at the Concierge. Please be reminded that only important or emergency notices will be dispatched in your mailbox. Back To Top
Owners’ Committee
The Owners’ Committee represents owners to communicate with the Estate Manager. The purpose of this committee is to enable residents and the Estate Manager to establish a good relationship and develop a community spirit for the benefit of all residents. Interested residents should contact the Customer Service Office for further details. backup